A not-so-new trend in website e-commerce is the type that has a single product that they sell each day. Some have one item only, others have different areas of their site where they offer one product that fits under each area. Regardless, it's an idea that is capturing on and taking control of in the internet world.The X-Fi line of products does ex… Read More

When the Hayabusa was introduced to the road motorcycle market in 1999, it ended up being a class in its own. This motorbike introduced two main controversies that would ultimately end up being renowned: its unique styling and its capability to beat any other motorbike on the display room floor.Lots of people are looking into the possibility of tra… Read More

Declining hair line is one of the deep psychological issues that worry most of the guys all over the world. This is considered to be the sign of male pattern baldness. This is a condition where hair from 2 sides of the head started to loss and after that from front to back. DHT is one of the main reasons for loss of hair. For that reason it is extr… Read More

GoD and PET is a phenomenon. First appearing on YouTube, the video of Wendy Francisco's lovely animated illustrations and moving song tells of the genuine love of both God and Canine. With over 2 million YouTube viewings to date, Francisco's story attract all ages, to animal lovers, to individuals of religious persuasions, and especially to anybody… Read More